Are there any recommended books to read or videos to watch before I come?

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  • “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” a documentary by Werner Herzog to prepare for the visit to Pech Merle.
  • “The Hundred Foot Journey” set in St Antonin Noble Val
  • Video of the village on Facebook


  • Families of the Vine by Michael Sanders
  • Memoirs of Madame de la Tour du Pin: Laughing and Dancing Our Way to the Precipice by Henrietta-Lucy Dillon de la Tour du Pin Gouvernet
  • Cave Life in France: Eat, Drink, Sleep by William Glover
  • Black Diamond, by Martin Walker.
    Set in the Dordogne, which is one valley to the West of the Lot, Bruno’s, the Chief of Police solves a mystery. Part of a fun series enjoyed by foodies who love mysteries.
  • Revolution of the Mind: the Life of Andre Breton by Mark Polozotti
  • French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork and Corkscrew by Peter Mayle
  • Talk to the Snail: Ten Commandmnets for Understanding the French by Stephen Clarke

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