What makes the perfect tour group?

What makes the perfect tour group for this magical tour of Saint Cirq Lapopie? There’s no one answer. That said, this tour experience is ideal for a group of 6 friends — perhaps three couples — who appreciate spending time together immersed in unique experiences.

Is the tour so structured that we won’t have much free time?

Our intention is for our tour to exceed your expectations. We have designed the trip to leave you with time and freedom to modify your activities where possible and desired. Most days are structured in three parts: morning, afternoon and evening, with two parts planned for outings, tours or activities. The third is free for … Read more

What should I pack?

We cannot stress enoiugh the importance of packing light. You will be limited to a suitcase whose total dimensions at no more than 67 inches (L+W+H). Ideally you will only bring a carry on bag. You need ONLY casual clothes. Do NOT bring high heels (they will not work on the cobbled streets and everyone … Read more