Join an exclusive luxury tour of
Art, History, Culture, and Food
in France’s #1 favorite village
Saint Cirq Lapopie

Friends of Radicale 1924 invite you to join a once in a lifetime tour.

Walk back in time to Medieval France — from the land of cave paintings, to the birthplace of surrealism, then on to the studios of contemporary artists.

Magical, Medieval Saint Cirq Lapopie

Perched 300 feet above the Lot River in SW France, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is a medieval gem renowned for its enchanting beauty. In 2012 in their first national contest, the French chose Saint Cirq Lapopie as their favorite village in the country. Once you enter the medieval gate, you will understand why it is premier among all the many favorite villages. An artistic haven and gastronomic delight, it marries timeless charm with unspoiled, captivating landscapes.

We have organized the tour experiences into 4 categories as follows:


From the time of cave paintings through the birth of Surrealism to the present, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie and its surrounds have been home to many accomplished artists. Today, the newly-dedicated former home of Surrealism’s founder joins the galleries of modern artists lining the cobbled streets where creativity intertwines with history and landscape.


Once a medieval village crowned by three powerful families’ castles, Saint Cirq was home to wealthy merchants engaged in the production of Malbec wine. Under consideration as a Unesco World Heritage Site, its well preserved architecture and artistic heritage draw thousands of visitors and artists alike.


Protected by its remote location in the Occitane department in SW France, this rural region is considered “La France Profonde” or “Deep France.” From the moment you arrive, you will walk back in time and witness the unspoiled French life of weekly markets and timeless celebrations of gastronomy, music, wine and art.

Food & Wine

In the land of sunflowers, foie gras, truffles, Malbec wine, walnuts, and saffron, the local cuisine is rich in flavors that capture the terroir of the region. Savor hearty dishes like Cassoulet and tender duck confit, or a menu infused with saffron or featuring artisanal goat cheese. Regional desserts of Gateau Noix and Pastis top off any meal!

Tour Highlights

in the land of truffles, foie gras, saffron & sunflowers


  • Cave Paintings, Architecture, History, Art & Artists
  • Markets & Chateaux
  • Unique, Exclusive, Private Outings & Experiences
  • Luxury Lodging in a beautifully restored, medieval residency in the heart of the village
  • Regional Cuisine including a private cook & a 5 course dinner prepared by a Cordon Bleu Chef in his beautiful French manor
  • Private Evening Salons led by professional experts in advance of a tour experience the following day
  • And much, much more…

Tour Details

Maximum Participants6
LodgingPrivate, Luxury Medieval Home
RoomsSingle or Double
WalkingEasy to Moderate
Dates9 days plus travel:
September 18 – September 28, 2025
TransportationPrivate Cars
Arrival/DepartureNH Hotel Toulouse Airport
Driving Max1-3 hours a day

The Perfect Tour Group

What makes the perfect tour group for this magical tour of Saint Cirq Lapopie?

There’s no one answer.

That said, this tour experience is ideal for a group of 6 friends — perhaps three couples — who appreciate the fun of sharing unique experiences with people who enjoy common interests. Why not put together your own group to fill the tour!